Levy's Art Gallery

Urban & Judaica pop street art

By the artist Meir Michel Levy

Welcome to Levy's Art Gallery

Welcome to Levy's Art Gallery

Orginal Art by Michel Meir Levy

Original Art by Michel Meir Levy - What our clients think

Design 26 Gallery, Tel Aviv

Levy, one of the very rare artists to own an art gallery, opened Design 26 Gallery, located in Tel Aviv, in 2007. Since then his popularity has grown worldwide and he has had his work displayed in exhibitions in Israel (Tel Aviv) France (Paris, Galerie Blumann) Belgium (Brussels) Canada (Toronto) Italy (Milan) Singapore (Singapore) and Switzerland (Geneva)
Levy’s work is edgy, inspiring, modern, bright and every piece of artwork says a thousand words. Inspired by the pop art/street art vibe, Levy’s art is unique and urban. As well as his recent works, Levy still has many early pieces of his art for sale, dating back to the mid 1980’s when his passion and creativity in his own unique style first began to emerge onto canvas.

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Levy's Art Gallery
Ben Yehuda St. 80, Tel Aviv
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